A Burst Pipe Due to Freezing Should be Treated as an Emergency

Posted on Oct 15 2015 - 12:00am by Home Gurus

water pipesIn just a few months, Salt Lake City will be experiencing winter. And with this comes the extremely cold temperature. Of the many challenges the cold season brings, some of them involve problems with your plumbing system. So many homes have been flooded due to a burst pipe, which in turn may have been caused by freezing.

Burst Pipe Can Happen Anytime

One of the most common plumbing problems any household may encounter is a burst pipe. This can be distressing and inconvenient for everyone involved with keeping your things safe from water damages. Since a burst pipe can occur when you least expect it, have on hand the contact number of an emergency plumbing service provider in Salt Lake City.

Freezing a Common Cause of Burst Pipes

While there may be other causes of a burst pipe, the most common one is freezing within your plumbing system. There is a higher risk of freezing when you don’t protect your pipes properly. Water in your pipes may freeze when there’s not enough heat, and this may end up as an ice blockage. The continued freezing will cause an increase in water pressure that may ultimately lead to the bursting of your pipe.

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Prevention of Pipe Freezing

As mentioned earlier, a burst pipe should be considered an emergency. As such, emergency plumbers should attend to it. But things don’t stop there. After solving the problem, the American Red Cross recommends taking preventive actions against the further freezing of pipes.

You may need to make major changes involving the construction of the house if the problem persists. Action Plumbing says updating the plumbing system to improve efficiency may be a solution. You may have to reroute or relocate the pipes exposed to the risk. For added security, protect these by putting in place the right insulation. Your plumbing service provider may recommend some materials.

Changes may be in order to prevent pipes from bursting come winter time. As early as now, inspect your pipes for any problems. Prioritize this if you don’t want to have a potentially big problem in your home.