4 Ways to Save Costs by Making a Self-Sustaining Home

Posted on Jun 22 2018 - 7:07pm by Home Gurus

money, coins, and houseThe term “self-sustainable” used to be a flower-power, hippie idea that many people thought to be extreme. But today, more and more people are seeing it as the best way to save costs and to improve the way they live from day to day. Growing Spaces believes that self-sufficiency can increase the quality of life—and rightfully so. Here are four ways to create a self-sustaining home that will help you save money and take control of your life.

Switch to LED or Solar Energy

It’s no secret that having solar panels installed may be expensive. But it’s nothing compared to how much you’ll be saving in the long run. If you’re still saving up for that, you can change your lights to use LED light bulbs first. The savings that it can offer is significantly greater compared to other bulbs.

Grow Your Own Food

The sense of fulfillment that can be achieved by growing your own food is indescribable. There are growing spaces that you can install in your backyard to grow fruits and vegetables. You can also have a small chicken coop to supply you with meat and eggs. You won’t have to rely on the grocery store if you wanted a fresh salad for a midnight snack.

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Take Advantage of Natural Light

LED light bulbs can be used when it’s dark. But during the day, you can take advantage of natural light by having skylights installed or by changing to ceiling-to-floor glass windows. These installations can also help you save on heating costs by letting the sun naturally heat your home when it’s cold.

Create a Compost Pit

Having your own compost pit works well with growing plants. You can dig a hole in the corner of your garden to dispose of fruit and vegetable peels, leftover food, eggshells, and coffee grounds. Over time, you’ll be able to use this soil to fertilize your produce and rest assured that your harvest will be organic.

By taking this path to self-sustainability, you won’t only be saving yourself some cash, you’ll also be contributing to saving the environment. Let these tips be a stepping stone for your journey in creating a better world for generations to come.