4 Top Furnace Issues and How You Can Fix Them

Posted on May 2 2018 - 1:44pm by Home Gurus

Handyman checking thermostatA furnace that can’t keep your home warm is useless. Fortunately, most furnaces work wonderfully for many years. Yet at some point, the appliance is bound to experience a few problems. There are all manner of reasons why this would happen.

Here are four of the most common furnace problems.

Wear and tear

Your furnace, just like any other appliance, isn’t immune to wear and tear. The mechanical parts of the unit such as the belts and bearings wear out over time and affect the units overall performance. When that happens, only a furnace repair contractor in West Valley can help fix the issue.

Clogged filters

The recommended period you need to take to replace your filters is one month. Often, filters become dirty or clogged, interfering with the airflow in the unit. The result is added strain on your furnace and can damage the unit over time.

Pilot problems

If your furnace is no longer providing heat, then the problem could be a malfunctioning ignition control. An experienced furnace contractor should be able to pinpoint what exactly is the problem with the pilot and recommend a solution.

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Many times, the contractor will recommend a replacement if the part is completely damaged.

Malfunctioning thermostat

The purpose of the thermostat is to control when the appliance should produce heat, and how much heat it should produce. If the thermostat is experiencing problems, then you will not have any heat in your home. If you do have some, then it will likely be intermittent.

The good news is that a professional will quickly spot the problem and recommend a solution.

A malfunctioning furnace can mean chilly day and nights ahead, so you need to stay ready so that you can handle problems effectively. By staying aware of the commonest furnace issues, you can promptly address them whenever they show up.