4 Essential Wooden Addition that Enhances Your Home’s Value

Posted on Sep 10 2018 - 1:33pm by Home Gurus

Home with Wooden Interior DesignHomes are an extension of one’s personality and a sign of comfort and privacy. As years go by, you’ll want to have certain additions that can add coziness, beauty, and value to it. A wonderful way to start is with wooden additions.

Wood Cabinets

Any room can feel more sophisticated with the addition of solid wood cabinets. Accent Interiors noted that Salt Lake City has many reputable furniture and carpentry shops that can create custom wooden cabinets or dressers to suit your personal preferences and finances. The kitchen and bedrooms can benefit a lot from these new furnishings because of their aesthetic and practical functions of storage.

Timber Windows

The addition of wooden framed windows can subtly add class to any home. The timber frames can fortify your home visually and structurally, as you can see where the signs of stress can manifest. Why not change the windows as well, such as adding colored tints or even UV resistant coating?

Wooden Deck

Putting in a wooden deck is perfect for homeowners who like to enjoy the outdoors, but still prefer to stay within their residence’s zone. If you’re a private individual, the best place for this deck is in the backyard where you have every bit of attention to yourself, your family, and pets. Pick a material that is treated specifically to counter any strong weather or climate in your area.

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Parquet Floors

This unique floor upgrade is a powerful statement for any homeowner. It can be installed with a simple or complicated design and could be used in your living room, dining room, and bedroom. You can even install it in all the said areas, depending on your budget or how opulent you want your home to be.

With these options, you can make your house into a classy and stylish domain that feels natural and inviting. You can choose any single option or pair them up to maximize the wood’s aesthetics and value. With wooden additions, your home will be given a breath of fresh air and new life.