4 Cost Considerations When Choosing Interior Timber Doors

Posted on Nov 25 2017 - 1:00am by Home Gurus

Wooden doorsWhen planning for the timber doors to use in your interior spaces, the subject of how much they would cost you came up. But, did you consider that the following four factors would affect the overall price of these interior timber doors?

Type of Door System

The traditional doors that hang on hinges are relatively cheaper than the sliding or folding ones. That is because you need highly skilled personnel to install these latter two types of door systems. A lot of maintenance also goes into keeping sliding and folding door in their best working condition.

Complexity of Associated Hardware

Ideally, how complex other parts of the door are will affect the overall cost of any door system. This includes glass fitting, handles, and adornments. You appreciate the fact that a lot goes into making doors to blend seamlessly with the design and colour patterns of the décor in your house. It is along that fact that using select hardware is a critical factor.

Size of Door

It goes without saying that a large door will cost more than a smaller one. The installation process of larger door systems is also quite involving and equally pricey.

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Quality of Timber

There are many wood types to choose from for making doors. These include hardwood like mahogany and softwood like pine. If you want a more durable door, one from oak or another hardwood will serve your needs satisfactorily, although it will cost you more. Nevertheless, regardless of the wood you choose, confirm that your door manufacturer uses a well-cured timber.

Lastly, just as wood seasoning is central to enhancing the quality of timber doors, how well the finishing is will further improve their durability. The cost of these interior timber doors will depend on the quality and number of layers of finish that the door maker uses.