3 Ways to Minimise Lower Back Pains

Posted on Aug 6 2018 - 1:00am by Ann Gillispie

Woman with lower back painIf you are the type who sits on their office chair for the entire day, you may be prone to lower back pains. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) cited that at least 54% of most Americans have lower back pains because of long hours of just sitting.

How do you avoid lower back pains from recurring and keep you from losing your focus at work? Here are some practical tips:

Talk to Your Boss About It

Sometimes, your colleagues would not know if you are suffering from something if you do not tell them. Talk it out with your superior and let them understand your needs. You may come up with a win-win solution that would not only make you more efficient, but will also less likely disrupt your work.

They may provide adjustments like giving you some time to stand up and do other work other than sitting on your office chair. You may also suggest using a different kind of office chair or ask your boss to allow you to bring one. For instance, you may buy a simple footstool online and have it delivered to your workplace. This way, you can elevate your feet under your table or find a comfortable corner with it while using a laptop.

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Practice Good Posture

This has been said over again, but it has indeed been helpful for many office workers. Stewart Tucker, a consultant spinal surgeon, said that slouching over the keyboard would cause compression on your discs and spine.

Maintaining a good posture while sitting, however, may take a lot of practice since you were used to a bad sitting position. Sit straight and maintain the upright posture when sitting. Like in exercising, good posture also helps avoid injuries.

Seek Professional Help

Although there are many online resources available, which you can refer to when you need to check on your health, it is still best to seek help from professionals. They would assess your situation and give you the best recommendation for the lower back pain you are feeling.

Health is wealth, as they all say. Take care of the body that was given to you and do not abuse it. If you sense something is wrong, do not just ignore it. Remember that prevention is still better than cure.

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