3 Ways of Eradicating Termites from Your Home

Posted on Aug 13 2018 - 6:41am by Ann Gillispie

TermitesTermites are known for their destruction of wooden items. They construct their habitats out of digested wood, often using soil. That means that, in the case of furniture such as wooden chairs and tables, termites will destroy the wood itself and leave behind some substance similar to sawdust.

Additionally, as termites migrate, they often pass through fabric, destroying that as well. In cases like these, you may want to consider a pest management provider who does IPM pest control, so that you can address the many ways your home is vulnerable to pests.

Installation of bait systems:

Bait systems are an effective method of eliminating termites from your home. However, they require the skills of a trained professional. Bait systems use standard frequencies to detect the location of termite colonies in your home. Some systems also offer protection against termites by using frequency radiations that discourage termites from setting up their habitat within certain radii. Bait systems are usually considered long-term control methods, and are quite ineffective in the short run.

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Conduct Soil treatment:

Generally, the natural habitat of termites is soil. Soil treatment, therefore, provides an effective way of controlling the spread of termites from the most basic level. Since termites move through the soil when approaching wooden structures, the soil itself may be used as a protective barrier, if it is treated with repellents and deterrents for termites.

Wood treatment:

Since wood is the most attacked material by termites, it is vital to treat any wooden structures around your home. The aim of the treatment will be to expel any termite colonies present and to protect the wood from any future infestation. Manufacturing companies have invented new termiticides which are almost odorless, making them easier to use than past products.

If allowed, termites can bring down an entire structure. Their destruction of aesthetically pleasing structures and installations makes them unwanted guests. Through these treatment methods, it is possible to make your home termite-proof.