3 Techniques to Prevent those Burst Pipes this Winter

Posted on Sep 18 2015 - 6:31am by Home Gurus

PlumbingWith the snowy season just around the corner, it is a must to get your plumbing system in order. Otherwise, your pipes will be at risk of bursting and spewing waste water and waste materials all over your home. Burst pipes are very common occurrences during freezing weather, and these can wreak havoc and serious damages to your home.

So, before the cold days set in, it is time you get these three burst-pipe-averting strategies done, according to All Hours Plumbing SLC. These will help you prevent major headaches and expenses.

  1. Get them warmed up

Warming up your home’s plumbing components will help minimize the shock they get from the almost-freezing water that comes with the seasonal change.

One way to do this is to allow warm air to circulate around the exterior of the pipes, especially in the areas you can access, such as those inside cabinets and under sinks. The extra heat will help them become less susceptible to the crack-causing effects of seriously low-temperature water.

  1. Insulating will help do the trick

Protecting your plumbing system through insulation will dramatically reduce the risks of burst pipes come winter. With good quality insulators wrapped around or applied on their inside surfaces, the extreme shock delivered by the nearly freezing water is minimized. Insulation basically helps prevent cracks and other damages to your pipes.

  1. Decongest them

Having your plumbing system decongested by drain cleaning experts will also contribute to the reduced risks of burst pipes. Cleaning your drains and unclogging them will lessen the pressure on your pipes. So, you can worry less about them suddenly bursting. Besides, routine comprehensive cleaning is also recommended to ensure a longer lasting plumbing system.

As long as you perform these preventive strategies before the snow falls, you can enjoy the rest of the season without worrying about water suddenly flooding your home.